Eric Lewis, violinist, composer, essayist, conductor, recording artist launched his own concert career in 1968 with the formation of the original Manhattan String Quartet.  Their residency at the Music Mountain Chamber Music Center brought his activities recognition as music director, teacher and first violinist of the international radio concert series from 1981 to ’89. 

Lewis served as U.S Cultural Ambassador to the former Soviet Union during the Glasnost era of the 1980’s. The Manhattan String Quartet’s recording of the Shostakovich Quartet Cycle was named by Time Magazine in its best of 1991 classical list. He retired from the Manhattan String Quartet in 2013 after 45 years as founder and first violinist.

Lewis is professor emeritus of Western Connecticut State University after 35 years as teacher of strings, chamber music, and conductor. Prof. Lewis continues his association with the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. In recent years, he has broadened his concert and recording, performing with several innovative ensembles (Elysium, Delphi, Prometheus), composing and writing essays about music.  His compositions range from solo and chamber works to a Lullaby Requiem for the children victims of violence.