The Lullaby Requiem:

Have the suffering and death in wanton mass slaughter of children through the violence of war, genocide, starvation and abuse, become so normal and repugnant
that for the lofty artist class we have left its revealing to other agencies? Where are the musical epitaphs in requiems dedicated to the children – the slaughtered
innocents of our families?  The Lullaby Requiem was written to shine a light on this heart- breaking issue for a radical change in our world politic.

The power in music’s vibrations is well known to cultures around the world. In this Lullaby Requiem, we apply a healing salve for the fractured world community. Through the cultural exchange of peoples, our artists and musicians hold in their hands the status of “peacemaking healers”.

Incredibly, the Lullaby Requiem is the only requiem in memoriam to our young, lost to our careless violence, that I know of, in the history of serious music. The Requiem forges a brotherly link of that senseless horror and stupidity, we, as civilized beings must contemplate in its painful empathy.

This Lullaby Requiem brings awareness to that universal audience, through its power of musical dialogue, which transcends cultural and geographical barriers. It
invites people, its listeners, to enter into a dialogue that makes them conscious of our common concern for the health and well-being of our children’s future survival-
to remind everyone of our loving and caring protection in safety, which all children deserve.

- Eric Lewis, composer